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What Is A Beer Crowler?

The idea behind the beer crowler is similar to that off the growler, except it is in a can form. A crowler is a 32 ounce aluminum can used to package craft beers and allow people to transport them home. Growlers became wildly popular because craft beer fans were looking for a way to bring their favorite brews home for later in the day or the week. Unfortunately, sub-par manufacturing and sealing capabilities meant that the beer was often flat by the time it was revisited, or that it spilled in your bag on your way back. That’s not to mention the poor heartbroken souls who accidentally dropped a growler and watched it shatter upon the floor, spilling beer in every direction. By contrast, a crowler offers a tight seal that won’t allow any air or sunlight in to break down your beer. It is also more resilient to bouncing around in your bag as you travel.